2014-2015  Tourist Paradise

Music Video 2:25 min

Filmed in Playa del Inglés, Spain.

2013-2014 Searching for Mossie

Mockumentary 5:25 min

Filmed in Mölle, Sweden.

2013 Starometske Namesti

Short film with music from Prague (footage disappeared)

2012 All I want for Christmas

Music video for QuickKino, Bratislava, Slovakia

2012 Walking Home

Music video from Berlin

2012 We are the Robots

Music video inspired by Kraftwerk , Gothenburg, Sweden

2011- 2012 Young Boy Old Heart

Music video filmed in Mölle, Sweden and in Glyfa, Greece.

2010 Temperature is High

Music video made from one reel of super8 footage, Öland.

2008 Ros-mari

Music video filmed in Edinburgh.

Inspired by the film Rosemary´s baby.

2008 The longest day

Music by Sara and Johanna, recorded in Edinburgh:

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